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There are three other models (the 157 and 256, which are both chronographs, and the EZM 3, which is a tool diver) covered in the article that are nice pieces in their own right, and worth a look - just not quite up to the levels of the two I highlighted above.  Regardless of your personal preferences, it's a good article that will give you at least an introductory feel for what the Sinn brand is all about.

2. November 2012 auction – c.1970 British Royal Navy Submarine Lemania chronograph – white dial and lacks luminous markers due to use in the submarines - £2,800



Six distinct versions of the Kendrick will be available at launch. More specifically, three versions with the option of a NATO-style or rubber strap for each. The dial colors are black, white, and a curious black dial with electric blue hands and hour markers. The blue-accented version is likely to be the most niche, but I think Xetum should be credited for producing it as a way to round-out the range. More than likely the precise version I reviewed will be the top seller with its versatile dial color and red and black colored strap.

Tsovet SVT-GR44 Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases

The Race Pilot watch itself is 45mm wide made from DLC black coated titanium with a steel case back. The design is nice and modern, and I am sure the system for removing and inserting the module is clever enough. Let's discuss the mechanical module first. Halda is very proud of their relationship with Zenith who supplied the movement. It isn't an El Primero, but that doesn't matter much as it isn't a chronograph. Inside the Race Pilot mechanical watch module is a Zenith caliber 685 automatic movement with the time, date, and power reserve indicator. The complex dial should appeal to those interested in high-end sport watches done in a modern taste. I believe this movement is used in some Zenith Elite watches.

The dial is recessed and a second smaller dial where the caliper moves contains markers for 1/5th second between any two second markers. The bezel is also polished steel with a black marked tachymetre that is done discretely, thereby, not distracting the users who may not care to measure speed.

Omega De Ville Co-Axial Chronograph Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

There can be no doubt about the fact that a true manufacture will always live up to its name and with unceasing dedication and aspire to extend its previous boundaries. Just as it is seen here in this magnificent case of the Gyrotourbillon. For these select houses, no matter how wonderful, how mind-boggling their latest creation might have been, years cannot go past without a handful of masterminds working secretly somewhere, in a most detached atelier, on the next great chapter in mechanical timekeeping…

Bumping up the rubber strap price from 80 USD to 40 USD, we definitely think the bracelet is worth the additional cash. This solid stainless steel bracelet is, sorry for the pun, the missing link in the Pole Guardian design and integrates beautifully into its short lugs. The Edmond Pole Guardian is an interesting, distinct and innovative sport watch that can certainly benefit from the addition of an OEM bracelet option. Also note that the bracelet is available for other Edmond watch models.

Maurice de Mauriac Chronograph Modern Travel Timer Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Out of the box, the Islandus struck me as being well-sized and certainly classic. "Nice watch," I thought to myself as I considered who else might appreciate the classic looks. The people behind the brand don't see this as a watch for old timers, but more fashion-forward types who like conservative timepieces from an underdog brand located in a faraway place. There are a few versions of the Islandus as well. This one is big as I like it and 44mm wide.

Therefore, I immediately dismissed the concept outright. It was not until I met the SLYDE representative at the London Salon QP that I decided to give it a chance. I was given the watch to play with for a few weeks to see what I thought of it.

Silicon is also good in a hairspring this size because it won't deform, won't be affected by temperature or magnetism, and will resist shocks very well. This is all part of the in-house made Antoine Martin caliber AM36.001 manually wound movement. It is produced from 199 parts and has a power reserve of about 92 hours. Martin Braun is above all else a movement designer, so when you buy something with his name attached, you are buying a watch from one of the world's elite watch makers.

Concord, a brand known for their eccentric designs, seems to have made an odd choice with this new C1. This reserved design is almost an autopilot move for a brand that brought us watches like the insane C1 Quantum Gravity, the very cool C1 BlackSpider LE, or even the previous generation C1 chronographs with their more boisterous and outgoing appeal. Like Lamborghini's cars and supersonic spy planes, some things are supposed to be crazy looking, it's a big part of what makes them cool. Here's hoping that this new C1 design is not indicative of a new direction for the entire C1 line, we like our Concord to be a bit less reserved, a bit more wild.

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You'll notice that some of the pieces have a more exaggerated stopwatch style with large pushers, and a crown complete with ring through it. Others have a more compact set of pushers on a crown. To be honest I like the blatant stopwatch look, but the presence of the loose ring is a mixed bag.

The high-end watch line Grand Seiko was for decades only available in Japan. But, in 2010 they started to ship certain models overseas for the first time. Built to exacting standards by Seiko’s most skilled watchmakers, this line has a a rich history of excellence.

-Hours, minutes
-300 seconds indication on the tourbillon
-Power-reserve indicator
Case Material
-18K polished white gold
-Zalium with DLC treatment case band, arches, lugs and tourbillon bezel
Case dimensions
-Diameter: 47 mm
-Height: 21.7 mm
-Curved sapphire crystal on the tourbillon
-Harry Winston logo engraved on the tourbillon bezel
Case back
- Partially open
- Sapphire crystal, 18k white gold, ZaliumTM plate with DLC treatment
Water resistance: 30 meters
Crown: 18K white gold and rubber Dial
- Three-dimensional dial, black gold finish, with apertures on the movement
- Black galvanic flange and appliques
- Black and silver applied hours, minutes and power-reserve indicator with horizontal satin-brushed counters centers
- Engraved, black galvanic “HW” emerald logo at the center of the hours counter
- Indexes filled with black, grey, orange and blue varnish
Strap: Hand-sewn black alligator leather Buckle
18K white gold, double-ardillon buckle Limited Edition
20 pieces Collection Histoire de Tourbillon

Get To Know Your Fellow Watch Collectors With This LGI Survey Data Exchange

Get To Know Your Fellow Watch Collectors With This LGI Survey Data Exchange

Harry Winston Opus XIII Watch Hands-On With Video Hands-On

General Norman Schwarzkopf was born in New Jersey with his father being a military and police man. He moved to Iran when he was 12 with his family which offered him early exposure to the Middle East. Schwarzkopf was a lifelong military man but spent a lot of his time earning degrees. Most of his childhood was spent in some form of military prep school, and he later attended the United States Military Academy in New York, which we also often refer to as "West Point." A few years later he moved to Southern California to study mechanical engineering at USC. In the 1960s Southern California and Los Angeles was a hotbed of aeronautical development, which meant it was the best place to study advanced mechanical engineering at that time. Later still General Norman Schwarzkopf went to the United States Army War College in Pennsylvania to study more high-level strategy and leadership.

Cartier, an essential name in the luxury watch world, announced a series of 2013 novelties at SIHH this year. Among the fray is the interesting and notable Tortue XXL Multiple Time Zones watch. Available in either pink or white gold, the Tortue XXL world timer offers what at first may seem like a fairly conventional GMT complication until you view the watch from its side. Along its left flank, Cartier has fitted a small window which allows the user to view a selectable range of cities and define their desired local timezone.

Tucked away inside the 40mm stainless steel case you'll find either the Espilon (non-date) or Zeta (date display) in-house movements. Both are rather thin automatic movements, and quite lovely to behold.  Coming in at 40 for the Ahoi or 00 for the Datum variant, the Ahoi is definitely a luxury piece well-suited for your summertime antics.

George Daniels is regarded as one of the greatest watchmakers of all time and his work has its deserved place in watchmaking history amongst the finest and most influential. One of his greatest accomplishments is known by millions around the world thanks to Omega, who feature his co-axial escapement in most of their watches (which they bought from him at a rather meager sum). Though his famous treatise on how to make watches ("Watchmaking") is among his most popular written works. The story goes that when young watchmakers would seek out his help or ask to be his apprentice, he would merely suggest to them that they read Watchmaking and all of their questions would be answered.

Frederique Constant is a relatively young company amongst fine watch making corporations. It is clear that in 1988, when Peter and Aletta Stas set out to establish their own watch making brand from scratch, their main objective was to create timepieces of high-quality while adhering to reasonable prices. At the time, this had been a fresh idea and it helped create a powerful new market - but that of course, did not happen overnight. Beginning with 1992, during their first years in the business, they sold only a few hundred to a few thousand watches annually  - but they were constantly reinforced by the market that they were headed the right way. Presently they manufacture about 120,000 watches annually, less than one-tenth of which is equipped with an in-house movement.

Pre-owned or used Rolex watches can be a good deal, but again, require a fair amount of time to locate, verify, and purchase. There are used Rolex watch dealers out there, or you can use a range of online resources to purchase Rolex watches from existing owners. The problem is that these resources are mostly geared toward knowledgeable enthusiasts who know what they are looking for. Novices new to Rolex are going to find these resources more challenging, so we recommend going to a reputable pre-owned Rolex dealer. Alternatively, you can, of course, visit a new Rolex dealer for the most simple, but of course, pricey experience.

After all, in his own words: “A creator must be receptive to all sorts of things, whether something in nature, or in all kinds of objects – machine tools, automotive, aerospace, science.”