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Say hello to my new little friend. Not that Chanel let me walk away with one, but I wanted to. Call me a brand whore but I love what Chanel has done with their watches. Sure I might think twice about sporting a white one around town, but these new J12 Marine watches are pretty impressive. If you recall, the standard J12 watch looks like a dive watch. It is merely a dive "style" piece, based on the core Rolex Submariner design (with a different face of course). Now Chanel released a truer diver with 300 meters of water resistant, a more dive worthy legible dial, some interesting design features.

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And then there is the world time function. You'll notice the list of reference cities around the dial.  Those are used when selecting different timezones. On the fly, you can easily switch to any of the major timezones without losing accuracy on the watch. Citizen makes it pretty simple to adjust, thus allowing for a great traveler's companion, or timepiece for people who like to easily know the time in lots of other timezones. Remember, the trick here isn't just the functionality - that has been done. But rather the relatively svelte layout and simple dial.

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A likely reaction to the fact that Hublot is growing. As I said, the manufacture will be larger by the winter of 2010, and Hublot will be making thousands of movements a year. I wonder what Hublot will be like a few years from now. Mature with their in-house movements, new models, and a legion of new fans and owners. Hublot is poised to be a new phenomenon in luxury sport watches. The gold standard in marketing, design, and image. Image being the most important part of it.

Part of a series of character introductions followed by comic segments as part of Linde Werdelin's "The Perfect Five" graphic novel (here in digital form).

Marvin Malton 160 Watches Hands-On

Marvin Malton 160 Watches Hands-On

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Diameter 13 ¼ lignes

You'll notice that each of the tubes (MB&F calls them "pods") has a crown at the end of it. One crown is used for winding the watch, and the other is used for adjusting the time. Based on what tube the crown is placed, it should be obvious which one does what. The Thunderbolt has just two functions. It tells the time via hours and minutes, and has a power reserve indicator. Worn on the wrist, the two dials should be angled to the wear, making the watch easy to read without having to turn the wrist. This watch feels more like an instrument than any previous MB&F watch. It is really a fantastic machine.

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To get really involved in the festivity and pageantry of the day, I go to the 2010 MotoGP race at Laguna Seca to see what the fuss was all about. Who are these fans, what goes on here, and how much is Tissot really a part of it. The reason this is a good question, is because countless brands will sponsor events in name only. They have no real involvement with the culture or practice of the event. Tissot is a bit part of MotoGP, and if you ask MotoGP fans what watch is associated with the event - they will likely glance at their wrists and tell you. Plus, MotoGP fans seem to be serious watch lovers - I spotted a number of good looking sport watches among the mechanically minded crowd.

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HourTime Show Watch Podcast Episode 28

HourTime Show Watch Podcast Episode 28

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Dial design is really superb. The Portuguese style isn't what one would call exciting, but is excels in function and grace. Applied Arabic hour numerals and each conceivable marker ring give you all the information you need, without anything you don't. For example on the chapter ring flange IWC could have placed a useless tachymeter, but did not. Instead is a useful counter for the seconds and minutes. Hands are classic in style and all the right length. The chronograph centrally mounted seconds hand is a sporty red and easy to see. Don't forget the useful addition of the lume on the hour and minutes hands as well as for the hour indexes behind the numbered hour indicators. Also note that IWC matched the color of the date disc to the dial color.

IWC has a really interesting history, and I won’t try to sum it up here. The brand was actually started by an American, and occurred at the time when Swiss labor was actually cheaper than American labor — at least this is my understanding. Since that time (a long time ago), the brand has transformed a lot, and currently under Richemont Group ownership, thrives as one of the most well-respected luxury watch brands around. The exact details of when the brand started to current day IWC apparently were unknown to any one person. So IWC decided to put together a book to document its history. Which is what this new (and massive) IWC book is all about - and it is called "IWC: Engineering Time Since 1868."

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Listen to Hour Time Show watch podcast Episode 26 here.

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RedSea Six Pounder & Holystone Watches

While I don't think the Marin 1 is going to be a limited edition, the watches will be individually numbered and not exactly made in high numbers. I am not totally sure about the price right now, but I will update the post with it when I get it. With a charismatic personality and lots of apparent talent, Peter Speake-Marin should do his new SM2 movement and Marin 1 justice as he continues to get watch lovers excited about his creations. For those who are looking for a beautiful, well-made watch from an indy brand that is connected to a strong personality - the Marin 1 or other Speake Marin watches aren't a bad choice at all.

UTS GMT 1000M Watch

UTS GMT 1000M Watch

TechnoMarine Time Trends …

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Given that whole "if money were no object" thing, one of the my top choices for modern women's watches is the Perrelet Diamond Flower. It mixes sport, style, complexity, luxury, and visual fun so well. While the collection starts in the ,000 range, these limited Prestige Edition Diamond Flower watches are colorful creations with prices in the ,000  to over 0,000 range (depending on the mixture of gold, diamonds, and other precious gems). It is one of those rare fun luxury watches that is elegant but doesn't take itself too seriously. Don't forget that the Diamond Flower features Perrelet's P-181 automatic double rotor movement. So the lotus flower on the dial spins with the automatic rotor in the back. Check out the gallery below for more of them, and see my full article on them below as well.

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New Options for the IWC Portofino Replica

The watch dial is just a little bit glossy - but not much. In addition to the black dial with green, the C600 Tri-Tech Elite Diver watch comes in a yellow dial with black hands and hour indicators, as well as a metallic blue dial with black hands and indicators. This version, as well as the yellow dial are the easiest to to read. The "Tri-Tech" part of the watch names comes from the three important technologies that Christopher Ward feels you should know about in the watch. I have already mentioned the PVD coating, and the helium release valve, but the watch also features tritium micro gas tubes as luminant. According to Christopher Ward, this watch is the first time these three things have been coming.

It is entirely possible that my warped mind sees watches differently than other people do. Over the course of my writing about Bertolucci watches, they have always looked interesting, but a bit strange to me. I finally connected a few of the things that some of their common Chronograph models remind of me. Maybe you agree? You can tell that these watches are all part of the same family. Some or all are Bertoluccia Giro (All-Black Giro see here), and some are just called Bertolucci Quartz Chronograph watches. No matter the name, they each have large, gaping mouths. Why? I couldn't tell you. Though here are some of the possible design influences. My favorite is near the bottom of course. Each is highly disturbing in its own way. Bertolucci might need to occasionally revise their "Mediterranean Inspiration" slogan... to something else.

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Pictured here is also the limited edition Tag Heuer Carrera 300 SLR. Also including the Calibre 1887 movement. Limited to 1887 pieces, this more retro version of the watch is meant to honor the classic Mercedes Benz 300 SLR car. The watch is in brown(ish) with a gradient dial, and orange highlights. It has a very cool brown leather perforated strap (done in unique manner). The dial design is clearly different, but the watch is of course very similar to the standard 1887 watch. It does have a tachymeter, but on the chapter ring, not on the bezel. Price for it is pretty high compared to the non-limited models at close to ,000.

The Calibre 1509 movement is actually made in almost all 18k  rose gold (something which is really rare). You can see the very nicely decorated movement in the back of the watch and through the dial. Journe does a great job at the finishing, and always makes his movements deliciously impressive to behold. The dial of the watch has a sandwiched smoked sapphire crystal. He wanted to have the the ability to see the movement through the dial, but not to take emphasis away from the time readouts. So as you can see, the movement along with the discs for the numerals can be seen through the dial, but the time display information really has your paramount attention. Can you see what I mean when I say that this is a sophisticated timepiece, but at the same time F.P. Journe pulls it off so well he makes it look easy and simple?

The watch in steel, is 44mm wide with a Swiss (base ETA) OP II movement that is manually wound. I think this might be a Unitas. It has 50 hours of power reserve, and Panerai has them all COSC Chronometer certified. Water resistant to 300 meters, the watch has a sapphire crystal and a subsidiary seconds dial. Pretty standard stuff for entry level Panerai watches - which is what this is. At 1,500 units in the limited edition of the piece, these aren't exactly super special in the scheme of Panerai watches. The whole allure here seems to be the whole "Panerai + Fu" aspect of the watch. You are basically talking about a simple Panerai with the Fu character on the dial as the 6 o'clock indicator. So while enough people in China will love the watch, I don't feel as though it communicates a sincere level of Panerai "connecting" with the Chinese people. Panerai and other European brands need to stick with what they are good at, and simply market it well in China. Changing their image too much with permanently take away from the brand's character, and ultimately damage sales in China, and the world over. Price for the Panerai Luminor Marina PAM366 China edition watch is reportedly about ,400.