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Cyrus makes the watch available in 18k red gold, 18k gray gold, and titanium. Various versions of the watch have different finishes I believe. The integrated reptile strap is well done and I love the sharp looking clasp. Nothing boring there. With the Klepcys, Cyrus has set a high bar. As a first attempt for the brand, it is really very well done. They later released a less expensive chronograph watch called the Kuros. While neat, it doesn't match the splendor of the Klepcys... but it is also much less expensive. With some quirks but a lot of personality and function, the Klepcys is a great example of a contemporary exotic complication wrist watch that should make enough people happy. Price is about 0,000.

Temption CGK205 Version 2 Watch

Temption CGK205 Version 2 Watch

Richard Mille RM 053 Watch Hands-On Hands-On

Movement manufactured by Ladoire : Calvet/o1

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Replica Frank Muller Aetenrnitas

Chronograph hour, 30-minute and second counter

Breguet Classique Chronometrie 10Hz Watch Hands-On Hands-On

With a few different dial options available, these steel-cased watches are 47mm wide (not counting the crown and pusher) and come in rubber straps. I like that the cases are mostly polished. The color schemes are all rather cool - though I think the version with British racing green will be the hardest to move outside of England. I am a bit partial to the blue and gold version myself. Classy isn't it? Yes, that is one of the adjectives above!

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Replica Frank Muller Revoluton

Let's start by discussing the DeLorean DNA aspect of the watch. Each of the 81 pieces in the limited edition will have metal from an original DeLorean DMC-12 in the bezel of the watch. Of course the case is in stainless steel measuring 46mm wide. Design-wise, the watch does not inherently suggest the automobile in all aspects. However, the yellow, red and white "lights" in the subsidiary seconds dial are meant to suggest the car's famous tail lights.

An interesting thing about the Nero Uno case design is how it adopts classy and sporty looks quite well. This model is rather classy in its appearance, but in PVD black with the available rubber strap (which is grooved to look like the pen body), or the steel bracelet, it looks quite sporty. Overall, it is an impressively versatile design. The straps and bracelet all are designed to be flush with the case. For me, this is an important design element to help the watches look their best. Having the leather strap not match the contours of the case would have not resulted in as nice a design.

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Replica Breitling Superocean Heritage Watches

By Ken Kessler

Each year at the Baselworld watch and jewelry show the most anticipated news is what behemoth watch brand Rolex will release. This is a quizzical thing because what Rolex announces is often anything but revolutionary. Still the successful and closed watch brand seems to excite their loyalists with the new creations each year - often times small steps in anticipated directions. Rarely does Rolex offer something totally new - especially a new model or complication. Oddly enough - both of these things happened for 2012.

Swan logo mark impression on the back of the case.

Rolex Sky-Dweller Watch

Rolex Sky-Dweller Watch
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Dark-side Jedi Darth Maul gets an interesting watch as well with the Seiko Star Wars Darth Maul ref. SAGA127 watch. It is limited to 800 pieces. Also in black, this 43.4mm wide watch uses Roman numerals and lot of red on the dial and bezel to mimic Maul's face (paint?). Limited to 800 pieces, this watch also contains a quartz movement that is atomic clock controlled. Only this model's radio works only in Japan.

The Sea Of Time Artwork By Kyle Bean Feature Articles

UNIQ M21 Watch Review Hands-On

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Tag Heuer Monaco watches

Cartier ID Two Concept Watch: Goodbye Metal Watch Releases

Timex Intelligent Quartz Tide Temp Compass & Perpetual Calendar Watch Reviews Wrist Time Reviews

MTM designed the Falcon to be a large masculine watch. A piece like this has 44mm of width looking its largest. This is because of the very wide lug structure and actual cushion shape of the case. The case thankfully has a diver's style rotating bezel as well as a water resistance of 100 meters. I think it would have been cool to get the water resistance up to 200-300 meters, as well as make the light function work under water - that would have been cool. The crystal is anti-reflective (AR) coated sapphire.

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Replica Jaeger LeCoultre Rendez Vous Night Day

Citizen Proximity Bluetooth Watch For iPhone Hands-On Hands-On

The Chopard Mille Miglia watch is an icon. There have been dozens of them and in a sense, these are like the first Hublot Big Bang watches. What do I mean? Hublot popularized the Big Bang collection by starting with a cool sporty chronograph and offering a range of different versions that all fell under the same product family umbrella. Chopard did the same thing, but started before Hublot got into the Big Bang game back in around 2004. To date, the number of Mille Miglia watches is countless, and here is one of the limited edition models for 2011.

Everest Horology’s EH-1 installs similarly to any other Rolex Oyster bracelet because the section of the strap that fits between the watch lugs is designed to be a precision fit with the watch head.  Because there is more space for a springbar tool, installing an Everest EH-1 Band is actually easier than installing a Rolex Oyster bracelet. For Rolex wearers accustomed to removing the bracelet for occasional cleaning, installing the Everest strap is a breeze. (A tutorial on removing Rolex straps can be found at Everest’s EH-1 is designed to replace 4.5 Oyster links on a Rolex bracelet and is fitted utilizing the existing adjustments in the Rolex clasp.  Everest Horology found that 4.5 Oyster links fit the majority of Rolex wearers while keeping the clasp centered on the wrist.  If the strap is too short an existing Oyster link can be used to lengthen one side of the bracelet.

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Omega watches

Rado has a long history of materials innovation in their watches, most famously with super-hard ceramics that hold a mirror finish. Here for review is something entirely new to me, a plasma-infused ceramic watch that looks like stainless steel. Let's take a look.

Tag Heuer Monaco Grand Prix Watches Watch Releases

Ceramics are also rather light, usually ranging from 2 to 6 g/cc, many of them being around 3 g/cc. They are much lighter than stainless steel (8 g/cc) and titanium (4.5g/cc). They are around the same density as aluminum (2.7 g/cc).  This low density together with high hardness makes them very desirable for many aerospace and military applications, such as lightweight layers of armor that break up incoming projectiles or themselves are designed to break up to disperse the energy of a high velocity impact. Thus ceramic watches are very light and somewhat bulletproof too!

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Rolex Milgauss watches

HD3 Slyde Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

HD3 Slyde Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Producing an in-house movement was not just for show but also practical given how the caliber SHC03 movement in the Chapter Three operates. The use of the rollers as well as the opening and closing dial required a special mechanism to power the entire system. The Chapter Three is meant to be a sort of travel watch. The overall idea is to offer a dual time zone watch that is both easy to use and be discreet if you want to see the time elsewhere or simply have the watch look like a single time zone indicating timepiece.

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A lange Sohne Homage to FALange

Ikepod KAWS Watch Hands-On Hands-On

I debuted the X Fathoms watch here, where I discuss its functions in much more detail. If you aren't familiar with the watch you'll really want to check out that previous article before you can understand what you are seeing in this one. The piece as it is on my wrist is still a prototype. I believe they have fully functioning models, but this wasn't one of them. That is OK, because I wasn't exactly in a position to test it out underwater. The X Fathoms dial has three hands dedicated to its depth gauge functions. It claims to be the most accurate mechanical depth gauge watch around, and can measure depths of up to 90 meters. I think that is as deep as most humans will go without being in some type of submersible.

Cartier Astrotourbillon Carbon Crystal Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases

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