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There are few Baselworld meetings I look forward to more than meeting with Sinn, as this small German brand offers of one of the most solid line of sports watches in the entire industry. In support of that line, Sinn has released a new limited edition version of their EZM 7. The new Sinn EZM 7 S is a great example of what makes Sinn so appealing; they provide a truly hardcore, well-made and entirely overly-engineered watch for a reasonable price with a charm that is entirely German - no engineering stone left unturned.

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I've discussed the fact many times that the best approach for the Swiss when it comes to smartwatches is to focus on external hardware production and design and partner with technology companies for the electronic hardware and software components of a smartwatch. Intel can make batter chips than any Swiss watch maker, and Google's Android Wear is going to be an infinitely better, and longer lasting piece of operating system software than anything a Swiss watch company is going to be able to produce or commission from a third-party company. While the luxury watch industry uses technology to produce timepieces, no one is under any illusions that they have any idea how to produce software or serious modern electronics.

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Carlos Rosillo: For me, the grail watch is the one that above all wakes up emotions. Besides the value of the materials and the craftsmanship, this kind of timepiece has to hold inside a high emotional weight. It’s the case for an inherited watch or an exceptional timepiece.

Trickle-down horology dictates that what is popular at the very top will eventually make its way down the ladder a bit. Not that Panerai is a "down ladder" brand, but compared to the typically 0,000 and up price of a Richard Mille, most might consider the mostly ,000-and-under price of a Panerai to be much more accessible. Suddenly, we have a lot of traditional brands (and to be fair, Panerai is a brand obsessed with its own traditions) have investigated how they too can integrate exotic materials into their timepiece families.

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Technically, because the tourbillon moves around the entire dial each 20 minutes, it is a triple axis tourbillon. The other axis is the normal spinning you see from a tourbillon cage, as well as being spun in its connection arm. It sits opposite the dial for telling the time to help balance out the weight. The other two arms have a small hand-painted titanium representation of earth, and its opposite arm has a rotating disco ball that makes one full rotation each 60 seconds.

Finishing on the HMC 341 is pretty good, and I like details like the gold chatons around the large-sized synthetic ruby jewels. The movement surface as seen through the rear of the case is also where the leap year indicator for the perpetual calendar complication is located. I particularly like this choice of placement since this is a necessary element of a perpetual calendar, but not something that you need to look at on a regular basis. In fact, most other perpetual calendar watches go to some lengths to "hide" the leap year indicator so that it isn't obtrusive to the overall design. Placing this indicator on the back of the watch is just one of the many little things that feels quite sensible about H. Moser & Cie.'s design sense.

Among a handful of new watches for 2015, Sinn showed the limited edition Sinn EZM 7 S, a limited edition black version of their watch designed for the German fire brigade that uses a brightly colored dial and bezel to help manage the use of the respirator systems that keep fire fighters alive while they do their job. While I understand that few of us are firefighters, you have to be dead inside to not fall in love with this super cool GMT watch and its amazing use of color.

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The 41mm rose gold case is noticeably sharp. Its plain, straight sides, and angular bezel give the whole watch the appearance of size, despite remaining comfortable to wear – the case comes in at a remarkable 8.24mm tall. Due to the starkness of the flanks, the watch is able to satisfy the modern requirement for presence, while remaining slight enough to fit comfortably under a cuff. The Piaget Altiplano Chronograph retains a consistent identity through the use of stout, polished pushers that blend in with the otherwise uncluttered silhouette. The pushers need to be there because it's a chronograph, but their presence is muted and all the better for it.

What I attempted to explain was that, while I did feel Romain Jerome watches were inherently expensive, and how not all of them appeal to me, I did appreciate the "point" of the brand. The one on my wrist at the time (from the Steampunk collection) simply made me happy to look at it. I enjoyed the style and quality of the case and was by no means wearing it for the rather rudimentary three-hand movement inside. While pretty much anyone who is a watch collector wears timepieces because they are art - it seems as though few of them understand or wish to admit that. In the context of the Romain Jerome Spacecraft and Romain Jerome Spacecraft Black, I can see how someone might wear it because of the movement.

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Personally, I hope that in the near future the capability exists to fully read e-mails, delete them, or use Siri to respond to them directly from your wrist. For people like myself who regularly try to erode the volume in my inbox I am interesting in that type of functionality.

Jaeger-LeCoultre doesn't stop there! Let me next talk about a "hidden" complication which is the stop seconds feature (hacking seconds) designed to make it easy to set the time precisely. Pulling out the crown of the movement resets the seconds indicator disc but allows the minute hand to continue moving. The idea is to allow you to set the time as precisely as you can without having to wait. Most people don't even know that the Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Compressor Extreme Lab 2 has a seconds hand reset feature. The dial also contains a date window located at 3 o'clock - which is useful but the least "interesting feature."

So what do those two crowns do? Although we have covered the Arnold & Son DTE Double Tourbillon Escapement Dual Time watch before, for those who are seeing it for the first time, we will elaborate on that. As the name of the watch – which can be shortened to the Arnold & Son DTE – suggests, this watch features more than the two dial-mounted tourbillons, as those are matched to two time zones as well! Now, this isn't your run of the mill world timer, with a proxy hand to indicate a second time zone, oh no – this is a dual time watch in the literal sense of the word. Those two silvery opaline dials on the face of the watch can be independently set by those two crowns so that any time can appear on either. In fact, these dials are so independent of each other, they even have their own train, escapement, and thus, tourbillon. They do, however, share a pair of barrels that are wound by the 2 o'clock crown and generate an impressive power reserve of 90 hours.

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While work on this collaboration was kept pretty quiet (at least in the watch world), the curtain was lifted on the goings-on on the opening day of the Miami Boat Show in mid-February. While most of the press there was local and, for the most part, clearly boating-oriented, aBlogtoWatch was present as the exclusive wristwatch-oriented outlet to cover the launch. And while I was certainly there to talk with the brand about the watch and their extended collection, I want to start off talking about the boat.

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The reason we say that such coloration is mainly decorative, especially the color red, is because many colors fade as you dive under the water and light wave frequencies stop at various levels of depth. The aBlogtoWatch team - which includes a few divers - notes that the color red disappears at about 20 feet, thus rendering it all but invisible unless you have a light with you. Other colors that fade as you go deeper are orange and then yellow. Thus, unless you have a light underwater, pretty much all the colors on your watch look blue-green. So while the practice of coloring a portion of a diving bezel is rooted in utility, its continued application today is mainly decorative. Having said that - diving bezels in and of themselves are still pretty useful.

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Zenith Academy Christophe Colomb Hurricane Grand Voyage II Watch Hands-On

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If you can imagine Rolex as Ben and Jerry's, then the Oyster Perpetual is vanilla ice cream. It's the building block from which models like the Rolex Submariner and Rolex Daytona have evolved. For 2015, Rolex has created a new 39mm version of the Rolex Oyster Perpetual, offering a slightly larger iteration of one of their entry-level models.

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So, a bit more about the movement... Again, it is the in-house made calibre FPJ 1300-3 automatic. The movement is mostly produced from 18k rose gold and has a 22k gold automatic rotor that has been decorated with guilloche engravings. The movement operates at 3Hz (21,600 bph) with 192 hours of power reserve. The movement is gorgeous in typical F.P. Journe style - and visible through the caseback's sapphire crystal window. I'm also happy to see another perpetual calendar movement that doesn't, by some odd sense of necessity, have a moon phase indicator.

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Let’s not forget that also upcoming for TAG Heuer are things like an Android-powered smartwatch as well as a (mere) 14,900 Swiss Francs tourbillon in the Carrera collection that uses the same case as this Carrera Calibre Heuer 01. Mr. Biver has a lot of exciting things planned which will offer affordable and interesting timepiece creations sure to get the buzz he wants for the brand. A lot of it is marketing, but it is marketing the Biver way, and even if you don’t like the result, it is entertaining to see it unfold.

This design was chosen for its very low friction when compared to standard pinions set in jewels, as seen in traditional movements, and also since they require support at the base they also allow for a thinner movement. While the double-circular sapphire display on the case-back is a very subtle and rather awesome hint at the MB&F HM1, at least for this MB&F HM3 MegaWind Final Edition, I feel it would have been nice to see a larger opening that revealed a larger portion of the back of the movement.

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Looking beyond the name itself, you will find that all the new-for-2015 Rolex Oyster Perpetual models are available exclusively in steel and that the different sized versions come with a different range of dial color options. At Baselworld 2015, we went hands-on with the latest, 39 millimeter wide selection of three new watches. Available in a range of sizes at 26, 31, 34, 36 and 39 millimeter wide, they are priced at ,850 for the 26mm, ,400 for the 36mm, and ,700 for the 39mm-wide versions. It is the largest, 39mm version, reference 114300, that we have selected for this feature article because it is the model most men will choose to wear out of all the Oyster Perpetual options.

Blancpain has released a brand new high-complication timepiece in its L-Evolution collection that I think finally answers the question of "what is the L-Evolution watch family all about?" For 2015, we have the Blancpain L-Evolution Tourbillon Carrousel whose in-house made caliber 2322V2 movement contains both a carrousel and tourbillon which are visible on the dial - something which Blancpain did in the past with a more conservative timepiece in 2013. Now, the same concept and a revised version of that movement exist in a modern-style ultra-watch that might finally point to where the exotic Blancpain L-Evolution watch collection is going.

Simple, satisfying, good value proposition, and timeless... these are some of the things Bulova is doing a good job at becoming known for over the last few years, especially when it comes to their quickly developing Accutron II collection with their UHF movements. "UHF" stands for Ultra High Frequency and refers to their extra-high frequency quartz movements. These are to be differentiated a bit from Bulova Precisionist movements - which are similar but larger in size. Battery life for each is about two years.