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The focus in each of these watches is the tourbillon. Martin Braun has always favored large balance wheels, and now he is doing the same with a really large tourbillon balance wheel - which is 14.1mm wide. Still, it is very light at just 0.62 grams. That is almost nothing for all 65 parts. While the balance spring is not in silicium, other parts are. This includes the pallet lever, escape wheel, and impulse pin. These elements in silicium (silicon) will help the  calibre 39.002 movement be more accurate and durable over time. The movement is manually wound and has a power reserve of six days.

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I first covered the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Diver watch here. Later I was on a boat with Audemars Piguet and offered an additional piece with some lifestyle shots of the ROO Diver (and humor) here. Designed as a true dive watch with 300 meters of water resistance, the Royal Oak Diver in steel was a lovely, almost entry level Royal Oak Offshore model priced at about ,000.

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The Omega Seamaster GMT James Bond just feels right at 140 grams, and it superbly molds and wraps around one's wrist. For the relatively fair price of ,400, it is one of the best entry-level diver watches on the market. It is bound to provide years of great service and accurate time keeping whether you spend your time in or out of the water or live the jet setting lifestyle of agent 007.

Tissot T-Race Watch Winner Follow-Up

Tissot T-Race Watch Winner Follow-Up

This was a pretty cool and innovative new watch that I got to learn about at the 2012 GTE event in Geneva recently. The brand is called DDietrich (by Mr. Dietrich) and they have at least two models right now. One is called the Night and another is called the Snow. The Night is nice and good but the Snow really caught my eye.

Limited edition : 99 pieces
Size : Ø 47,00 mm & height : 14,80 mm

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Strap and buckle: Brown calf leather strap. Titanium and white gold (palladium 150 alloy) folding buckle.

For a solidly made Swiss watch at a price that won't make most people's heads spin around, Hamilton is one of the few good options. In fact, between Hamilton, Tissot, Certina, and Longines, the Swatch Group has the sub ,000 Swiss made mechanical watch market almost cornered. This Hamilton Cushion in the Jazzmaster collection is a solid mechanical watch buy for under ,000.

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Time: hours, minutes, seconds, date, moon phase, hidden time zone and hidden day/night indication

Here is some shameless "Stallonage." Sly dons a Carl F. Bucherer Patravi TravelTec GMT watch during the European premier of the Expendables II movie (in Germany I think). I must admit that I am really looking forward to seeing the film - especially because Arnold will be more prominently featured in it. Hopefully he will get some battle damage to show his metallic Schwarzenegger innards.

The concept is really brilliant and I love its application in watches. The R01 was intentionally exotic and super expensive, but this R03 Chronographe RS feels a lot more like something average people could wear. Aside from the special crystal system, the dial is rather standard and straight forward sporty. Legible, with nice hour markers and hands, this is a handsome timepiece even without the cool face made of the unique polarized glass pieces.

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Along with its timezone flexibility, the Bremont ALT1-WT is also an automatic chronograph with a traditional two-pusher layout and sub dials for 30 minutes (top), running seconds (left, 9 o'clock) and 12 hours (bottom). I really love this layout as it groups the Bremont nameplate and date in a way that seems balanced with the otherwise asymmetrical sub dial design. The date window retains the trapezoidal shape which was first seen on the C-17 model in reference to the shape of a C-17's aircraft heads up display.

The Harry Winston Opus 12 case is 46mm wide with a smooth technical look that some will love and others might find a bit staid given how wild Opus watches have been in the past. All the details are satisfying, but you just don't see too many round Opus pieces these days. I would suggest that it likely grows on you at the least.

Dimensions & Weight:
Case diameter: 41 mm
Lug width: 20 mm
Case thickness of the clock: 15.5 mm
Weight without strap: 74 grams

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Hublot King Power Cathedral Gong Tourbillon Minute Repeater & La Cle du Temps Marcus Watches Hands-On

Hublot King Power Cathedral Gong Tourbillon Minute Repeater & La Cle du Temps Marcus Watches Hands-On

Virtually all modern high-end watches have a crystal made from very hard synthetic sapphire crystals. While nothing new these days, use of this material revolutionized the construction of high-end watches by making crystals extremely difficult to shatter and very scratch resistant. The iPhone has always used rather good glass over their screens but the iPhone 5 makes uses of the brand new Gorilla Glass 2. Gorilla Glass is a light and hard durable type of glass used in a range of mobile phones and other applications (such as TV screens). Gorilla Glass 2 is about 20% thinner than the original, with the same durability properties. It looks like Gorilla Glass has a hardness rating of about 700 Vickers, which is pretty good. Most sapphire crystals however have a hardness rating of over 2000 Vickers. The interesting news is that the iPhone 5 does in fact use some sapphire crystal in its construction. While Gorilla Glass 2 is used over much of the iPhone 5 body, sapphire crystal is used over the camera lens for clarity and protection.

First you have the fluted bezel. You can't be a watch person and deny that this element is borrowed from Rolex. The tips of the fluted spikes aren't quite as sharp as those on a Rolex, but the effect is there. Then there is the dial which is not exactly a direct copy, but is heavily inspired by the look of the Paul Newman Rolex Daytona watches. Rolex is among the brands the helped perfect the high-contrast chronograph watch dial - and still have them looking sexy. These Marvin Malton Cushion Chronograph models follow suit, and how about that little inner ring of red? Solid detail if you ask me.

In addition to the Tourbillon Minute Repeater, there is a second, perhaps more exotic piece unique Hublot. The second Marcus flavoured Hublot offering comes in the shape of the MP-02 Key of Time, or La Clé du Temps (which is basically French for... "the key of time"). You may remember the previous black and green version released that was part of a limited edition of 50 pieces we discussed hands-on here. Well this is the same piece but again executed in the white and red Marcus colour scheme. All the features from the original are present including the vertical tourbillon, 5 day power reserve, and the stand-out unique feature of being able to speed up or slow down the display time by a factor of 4... and then being able to return to the actual time at the flick of a crown. Useless, but nonetheless fun.

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