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The best part is that this Life Alert watch  has a very good chance of becoming a generational pass-down piece. You almost always find the watch still attached to the body, as the Life Alert pendant often gets tossed off the corpse when the Life Alert crew comes for the fine China and Silverware... I mean poor victim. Best yet, when the Life Alert people come to your house expecting to find an alone old person in bad shape or dead begging to be robbed, they might just let you keep the timepiece. That my friend, is service.

Inside the watch is Omega's automatic Co-Axial escapement caliber 3603 movement with a column wheel chronograph, and of course the GMT complication. Good thing there is a date in there as well, and I like that Omega placed the date on a black colored disc under a tapered window. The movement is also a COSC certified chronometer. Overall, these movements are typically help in high regard. Going back to the dial, it should be obvious that the markers and hands are covered in SuperLumiNova as luminant. I am not sure that I am sold on the "Teak Concept" dial pattern with the vertical lines. I'd have to sit and stare at the watch for a long time to decide how I felt about it. I am always a fan of dial texturing, but it needs to be done right. If you can't tell the dial is gray colored. Another trendy gray watch! Again, I really do like the chronograph subdials though - these are done quite well. The crown is large and the rectangular chronograph pushers look comfortable to use. The watch is robust, but not true diver. Good enough for underwater duty though with 150 meters of water resistance. The sapphire crystal is also double AR coated - while the rear of the watch has another sapphire crystal as a caseback exhibition window.

I haven't seen him dive into water too many times (no one dives in the Great Salt Lake right?), but the IWC Aquatimer is a great choice for a multi-duty classy yet rugged watch. The IWC Aquatimer Chrono-Automatic is a modern IWC diving watch with an automatic Valjoux 7750 movement in side to power it. Water resistant to 120 meters (about 400 feet), the pushers do not need to be screwed down and can be operated underwater. What looks like a screwdown pusher for the lower chronograph pusher is actually a pusher as well as a crown to operate the internal rotating bezel. I like this model because of how subtle it is. Other Aquatimer watches have splashes of color, but that look isn't what everyone is looking for. While it is hard to tell in the images, the watch has a high amount of rich polish and finish on the case and dial.

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New Season Of Man vs. Wild Has Bear Grylls Wearing A Casio Dynamic Wave Ceptor Watch Feature Articles

These cufflinks (cuff links? Space, no space?) might make you blush, but they are nice right? To me they combine a few thinks I like. Let's delay the obvious for now and focus on the awesome integration of the automatic rotors in the cufflinks. These are new 18k rose gold men's cufflinks from Milus, a Swiss watch maker who also dabbles in jewelry and accessories.   These nice looking men's accessories here are called Kama Sutra Butterfly cufflinks and are made in a casting process to help reproduce the look of a watch movement, which is the point. The cufflinks feature beautiful real rotating rotors (which wind nothing) that attached like normal rotors with a ball bearing mount. The casted gold has perlage polish and the look of a real movement engraved in the design. How cool! I've seen cufflinks similar to this, but none as well done. I imagine price will be up there.

Can you please humor me for a moment and consider that this new line of NMX 300 watches from Nautica is perfect for Marvel's Ghost Rider. I am talking about the comic book character, as I actually never got to see the Nicholas Cage movie version that I was warned against. The Ghost Rider is your typical bad-ass biker with lots of dark leather and metal (not only on his person, but on the bike too!), and a flaming skull. In Ghost Rider's situation, the flaming skull is actually his head (at night) while on most other bikers who bear the image, it is in the form of a leather jacket stitch-on, or obnoxiously placed tattoo (not to self - consider how many bikers have Ghost Rider tattoos. Cool or cliche?).

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Unique Prototype LUM-TEC California Dial Chronograph Watch For Auction - Bid Now Sales & Auctions

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Magrette Regattare Kupe's Voyage Watch: Engraved Bezel, From New Zealand Watch Releases
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Casio & Surfrider Foundation To Release G-Shock X Surfrider Watch

Casio & Surfrider Foundation To Release G-Shock X Surfrider Watch

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To really reward your dad this year, a Patek Philippe is most assuredly the way to go. What father, or any man for that matter, has seen the Patek Philippe "You never actually own a Patek Philippe - You merely look after it for the next generation" and not become emotional. Not even one little tear? Doubtful. Patek Philippe knows its market, and knows that a watch, whether new or handed-down, encapsulates all emotions and well-wishes better than anything else on the planet. So why not reward your dad or grad with a Patek Philippe Calatrava, whether in white or rose gold. This is a throw-back design, reminiscent of simpler times. This design will remain relevant and inspiring, no matter which generation holds it at the moment.

A Watch Gift Guide for Dads and Grads Watch Buying
Patek Philippe Calatrava Watch

Sea-Gull M 177 Automatic Classic-Styled Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

The real star of the Bovet Sportster Saguaro Meteorite is the cacti the watch is named after! No, actually it is handsome meteorite dial. You can find both a Saguaro cactus and a meteorite in a desert though. As for the cactus, the Saguaro species are the most famous of cacti with their iconic shape - being able to grow very high. Living in Arizona for a while I got spend lots of time admiring these plants. More things need to be named after them! Meteorite stones, while falling all over the world, are mostly found in the desert for some reason. These are actually Gibeon meteorites, not from Arizona. There is an extreme romance to the idea that an extraterrestrial stone is cut, and sliver is polished for the dial of your watch. It is luxurious, and really makes you wonder about where this piece of your watch has been. Both versions of the watch feature meteorite dials. The gold dial is planted in gold, while the black dial is a clean polished iron meteorite plate. The red luminova looks good on the black dial right?

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Adding to the versatility of this watch are the luminescent hour, minute and central seconds hands. This is particularly helpful for women who are out on the town at night - in a club - and need to track time. No excuses what not knowing the time, though...

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Replica A lange Sohne Homage to FALange Watches

There is of course the large crystalline structure on Mars that Dr. Manhattan creates. See small image above. I see this also as a nod to watch making. While it doesn't do anything, it is like a large mechanical movement toy. Futuristic gears and shapes moving together like only something a master watch maker can create. Dr. Manhattan being the master of matter can do anything, with anything. Able to take things apart and put them back together with no limitation and an impeccable understanding of their function. I took this structure to be his mechanical Martian toy. Even in the graphic novel it is not really explained at all. So it is all up to interpretation. So go see Watchmen, you will enjoy it - but read the graphic novel first if you can. It is a quick but memorable read. Also, the soundtrack is well chosen with affect filled songs equally emblematic of the time periods this era jumping film needs to keep the reader grounded.

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Tissot T-Race Danica Patrick Chronograph 2009 Limited Edition Watch

Tissot T-Race Danica Patrick Chronograph 2009 Limited Edition Watch

I've placed some comparison images of the limited edition model and the standard GPW for you to see the difference. You probably agree that the Elite limited edition model is something special. The case of the watch is 44mm with and about 15mm tall. Part of that has to do with the thick 3.5mm tall sapphire crystal. The lugs are place 24mm apart to allow for an impressively wide strap. 24mm is the same width as most Panerai watch straps. The design of the case itself is a blend of aggressive styling with technical futuristic look. It does this in a subtle manner because use of too many complex curves and angles makes a watch look awkward once it is on your wrist. Not the case here.

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Having said all that I think the Maitres du Temps is a luxury watch made for a select few. Actually, I don’t need to say that, as that IS the case. It is not going to be a “design classic.” The watch is more akin to a luxury timepiece built for those of royal demeanor (as I seem to keep repeating, but it is true). You won’t see this watch in a ‘good watch design book’ 40 years from now. You are more likely to see it in a museum, or being auctioned for astronomical prices. Maitres du Temps is creating modern treasures for those worthy of passing down relics or ‘a legacy.’ There won’t be a collectors market, because there will be just a few collectors lucky and wealthy enough to own them. It is a watch for a different class of person. Not necessarily a better or more successful type, but those people to whom aristocracy is a status quo, and not just bygone status of another time, in a different world. Price for the Chapter Two watch will be less than the Chapter One as it is less complicated, and will be for ,000.

MM: You represent a traditional artform that is rich in culture. How do you see similarities between your art and traditional watchmaking? How do you see the future of watchmaking? Future of opera?
DP: There is very much a circuitous route from a culture of opera to a culture of watches.

Unlike most Casio watches, the Wave Ceptor is a analog watch, but has a tough time shedding the LCD screen that makes Casio such a hit. Thus, you have an easy to read analog face with an included digital window for extra information. You can even have the digital time and analog time in front of your face competing for your attention. I find it interesting which method of telling the time people will go to given the easy option. The analog face is about as straight forward as you could hope for. Arabic numerals in bright, easy to read white with applied lume, that are actually applied to the face versus just being painted on. The font is strong but simple. The hands are a good size with applied lume as well, and are perfect for telling you the time. Additional hour and number index marks all over the face make for fool-proof time reading. The look is instrumental, but not too boring - exactly what some people want. The face of the watch is actually semi-transparent. This is necessary to allow in light for the solar cells that charge the watch as it is light powered. Also visible in the slightly textured face of the watch are some vertical wires or rods, I believe these to be part of the antenna array set up to receive radio signals from atomic clocks all over the world, Fort Collins, CO here in the states.

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Suunto doesn't make just "watches," but rather "wrist-top computers." This new line of watches has been designed in partnership with the International Triathlon Union (ITU). That means the watches have been designed for some serious and specific training use. The traditional training watch was light weight, had some timing functions, and that is it. Later models enjoyed such functions like heart rate monitors, and other cool functions. But the Suunto t6c Red Arrow is light years ahead of the "past." The watch is part of an optional modular system of "Pods," which are units that are GPS devices, or others that fit on shoes, bicycles, etc.. .to help measure distance and cadence. In addition to all this available data, the t6c Red Arrow takes all this information together and has some clever software that not only logs and plots it for you, but helps to calculate calories burned, Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC), and Training Benefit (which is a measurement of the aerobic benefit of a training session, on a one-to-five scale). Little else out there does this, and only just a few more of you are familiar with these scales to keep tabs on. However, it is quite important when you are a serious triathlon trainer, or other athletic professional. One of the best features of the watches are the customizable displays that give you optional information at a glance - be it the time, your speed, cadence, heart rate, etc... The benefit to you is being able to adapt accordingly with having second by second updated information.

There is no doubt in my mind that the feel and quality of this watch is on par with a Submariner, or even more famously sturdy "tool" watches, such as Sinn. This particular watch's main competitor in terms of features would likely be the Sinn 757 UTC, which mirrors almost its exact features while being easily 4 times the price.

Aside from that, you have a standard super high-end Romain Jerome Tourbillon watch. The movement is a sourced BNB Concepts caliber 1000RJ manually wound movement with a one-minute tourbillon. Thankfully, it has a 120 hour power reserve, because you sure as hell aren't going to be wearing this piece often, and don't want to wind it daily. Everything else such as the 46mm wide case with lots of carbon fiber is off the rest of the Moon Dust DNA watch line. So, I will ask again, how do you plan on making this watch, and why are you making this watch? Did nine little green men ask for these special limited edition watches? Perhaps there is an inside joke the rest of the world is missing. Throw us a bone and explain what these computer rendered watch images do not.

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The Linde Werdelin 2-Timer watch (that I reviewed here) is growing up to be the 3-Timer. The differences are enough shed new light on a watch that had never even lost a sparkle of shine. With the 3-Timer you get a more elegant look with less emphasis on sport, heading into the, “this watch goes with a suit” range. Wearing the 2-Timer with business attire would make you look a bit like a superhero with a secret identity who accidentally forgot to remove one of their outfit components.

One of your fellow readers recently purchased a watch that he was so passionate about, he spontaneously wrote a short review of it and I thought it was worth sharing with you. This is especially due to the good value of the watch, and that it is a relatively unknown US based watch company. The brand is Bernhardt watches that is based out of North Carolina. They have an impressive line of watches that use everything from quartz to mechanical movements of Swiss or Japanese origin. This specific model is near the top of their line. While it does have a conservative good look to it, it is anything but generic. While two different watches are pictured, the Globemaster model that my reader is referring to is the black diver's bezel version. This is a rare type of watch because it has a GMT hand complication, but a rotating diver's bezel instead of a 24 hour bezel (as seen on the other pictured model). It is important to note that movement inside is not your standard ETA GMT movement. Bernhardt took an ETA 2826 movement and modified it with a GMT complication. The standard ETA 2836 has a day and date complication, but that was removed to make for a GMT hand that jumps to each hour. Pretty clever.

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Franck Muller Triple Scale Chronograph Ratrappante Ref. 8883 Watch

Franck Muller Triple Scale Chronograph Ratrappante Ref. 8883 Watch

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I think that just posting the images of this special one-off watch probably says enough. What else can I say? An intensely decorated movement made to look like an underwater scene. Not just that, but the actually movement itself is made to look like the sea floor. Simply amazing. The best part is that this is not just some concept or a piece of art. This will be placed in a real working watch. But probably just one. This movement is called the ImmenSEAty (clever right) and was created by young watchmaker Gabriel Salgado de Arce. Confrérie Horlogère Presents The ImmenSEAty Watch Movement By Gabriel Salgado Watch Releases This watch was part of a project at the Confrerie Horlogere, which is a new arm of BNB Concept. I don’t know a lot about this new part of BNB Concept. Their website is still new and wasn’t totally live the last time I checked. It has something to do with young watchmakers, though the video below tells you more. The early output from the Confrerie Horlogere has been impressive though, but this ocean themed movement is my favorite. One of the most amazing aspects of the movement is the level of micro detail. Almost every square millimeter is covered with engravings and decoration. Whether it is a small sea star or shark, you can’t help but pay close attention to each scene on the surface. I can’t wait to see what the front of the watch will look like. While it is hard to tell, the movement is a tourbillion with a few interesting complications. In addition to showing the time on Earth, the watch shows the time of three other planets; Uranus, Neptune, and Saturn. Of course these planets do not have 24 hour days, so the time is amended for them. I look forward to seeing how this is displayed. The watch also has a power reserve indicator and is (of course) manually wound.

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Cuervo Y Sobrinos Torpedo Pirata Moon Phase Watch, For Pirates Watch Releases