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Moving on, I am very appreciative and grateful for the opportunity that Ariel has extended to me in this very brief few months. Running a blog like aBlogtoWatch is a tremendous task that I only realized recently. The fact that it is the biggest watch blog online by monthly traffic is surely a testament to the amount of work that has been done to make it so.

So now that I've tantalized you, let's talk price and value: the MIH watch is a flat 6,000 CHF, which is about the same in dollars. That's comparable to the RGM 160, for example, and quite a bit less than some of its competition, but it's certainly not inexpensive. After a month of wearing it and pondering the question, I've decided that the price is reasonable, given the up-front nature of the fundraising (see the results here, or visit yourself in person) and the unique nature of the watch and mechanism. I like the Bauhaus minimalism of the dial and case, the versatility of the watch design, and I enjoy knowing that my plain-looking timepiece is actually 300-odd machined parts working in harmony. I also like the extreme durability - the 7750 is every bit as tough as Rolex or ETA, so you can even wear your MIH for sports or swimming. Most annual calendars are dress watches, not everyday wear watches, making this watch once again a unique exception to the rule. Want one? You can find them onsite at the MIH horology museum in La Chaux-de-Fonds Switzerland. [Ed. Note: An excellent place I may add. Well worth the visit for the entire family. You can also pick up a chocolate watch in addition to an MIH one.] You can also get one from retail partner Embassy which has locations in Lucerne (just down the street from ochs and junior) and St Moritz, and also ships worldwide.

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Try turning this baby on when someone enters your office and playing a snippet of The Empire Strikes back. Even Darth Vader would be proud. In all its cheesiness, the aesthetic is totally MB&F, and the choice of music makes a lot more sense than Mozart and lullaby tunes on a device such as this. MB&F and Reuge will produce just 66 pieces total of the MusicMachine with 33 pieces in white and 33 pieces in black. Price is about 12,000 Swiss Francs

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Rounding out the remainder, we've got the chronograph registers - a 30 minute counter is over between 9 and 10 o'clock, and the other register (between 2 and 3 o'clock) marks out the tenths (1/10) of a second. This, of course, is a nod to the accuracy Bulova is known for building into their quartz watches. Yes, it's not the 1/1000 scale we can get from an Precisionist, but it's still impressive for a watch to have this. I will say that, at first, this layout (with the registers not right at 9 and 3) felt weird.

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Oris Calobra Limited Edition Racing Watch Hands-On

Oris Calobra Limited Edition Racing Watch Hands-On

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When I was operating the chronograph, I noticed that the minute counter moved leisurely into place after the seconds hand touched the zero mark. There was something quite "gentlemanly" about the way that it moved, prompting me to ask Roger if this was intentional, as the hand didn't snap to the next index like other chronographs. Roger replied that he didn't know if that was intentional, but during the service, he would look at the mechanism to find out. I personally felt that this little detail, if intentional, actually had more character and would not be surprised if Daniels had designed it this way.

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Previous to this, the only cheaper mechanical watches I can think of are the Seiko 5's and many Chinese watches. The Swatch however is 100% Swiss made, which is cool for those who find that label important.

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It was not until January, 2002 that the first sketches were made of the Gyrotourbillon. Two stellar minds set themselves to tackling this mind-boggling challenge: Ms. Magali Metrailler was responsible for the aesthetic aspects of the timepiece, while Eric Coudray was to provide the technical background.

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He loves his Omega watch as much as he loves space! A few days ago Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield returned to earth after what seemed like an extremely long stay aboard the International Space Station (ISS). He was up there for six months! When we interviewed American astronaut Mark Kelly, he told us that despite exercise attempts in space, it takes the same amount of time to recover on Earth as the time you spent up in space. Meaning that Hadfield now faces a six month recovery time. Sadly, there isn't a function for timing that on his beloved Omega X-33.

Watch service people and watchmakers use electronic timing tools to measure how accurate mechanical movements are. When watch movements are produced they are initially "regulated" and things like shock, temperature, etc... can change how well a watch movement is regulated over time. Most watches should be put on timing machines each few years and potentially adjusted by skilled hands. Some hardcore collectors even have their own timing machines. All of this is in the pursuit of knowing just how accurate your watches are, and trying to tweak them a bit. We discussed this much more in our initial article on the EMC watch linked above.

Welcome back to an original aBlogtoWatch feature, "My First Grail Watch". In this series, we ask prominent people in the watch industry about the first timepiece that they lusted after.

The success of the Nadal watch prompted Richard Mille to investigate deeper, pouring money into research in an attempt to find a watch that not only would survive the rigors of one's active life, but also help to improve it. The next step was the release of the limited edition RM036 G-Sensor watch that included a mechanical g-force meter. The idea was for drivers and pilots to measure the amount of g-forces they just endured. Though in the end it was realized that the RM036 was a mere toy, destined to a niche audience as suggested by its limited edition production. Richard Mille himself continued to search for the ultimate rigorous activity that each man could enjoy, and whose performance he could help. He made it a personal mission.

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One of the most iconic Rolex watches in recent history is the “Pepsi” GMT II Master, which has a red and blue bezel (hence the Pepsi name) to denote day and night. When Rolex introduced the new GMT Master II with its Cerachrom bezel, we were led to believe that making a two-tone ceramic bezel was impossible. However, the impossible has been achieved!

There aren't too many downsides to the watch aside from the fact that Longio's website offers zero information on it and the watch is hard to find outside of Asia. I am a fan of the brand and want people to see more of these. They do a decent job, and for whatever they lack in marketing prowess, they do an honest job at trying to make an interesting watch that isn't a direct copy of something else. Speaking about a watch from China that is still saying a lot, Longio will produce just 200 pieces of the Zhuke in each dial color. That isn't too many and certainly qualifies it as an indy diver. If you want one you'll need understand the Chinese text on their e-commerce website here. Price is $2,980.

For SIHH 2013, Piaget will once again break a record when it comes to being thin with the Emperador Coussin XL Ultra Thin Minute Repeater. No we are not talking about anything related to "The Biggest Loser," but rather a new movement which is the thinnest of its kind. Traditionally, Piaget has been known for making very thin mechanical movements. A few years ago they revisited this pursuit and started to produce movements of various types and complications that are the thinnest of their kind.

Icelandic watchmaker JS Watch has just announced a beautiful new aviator called the Frisland 1941. Part of the Frisland collection, the 1941 is a classic looking Pilot watch with a little bit of JS Watch flair to it. The watch has a retro World War II look to it in honor of the Reykjavik airport that opened in 1941 during World War II. It was built by the British in Iceland and in 1946 was handed over to Iceland's sovereign government to run on their own. Apparently the area did serve as an airstrip before the formal airport was built, but that is enough history to justify the production of this watch collection.


Baselworld 2013: New Black & Blue Rolex GMT-Master II And Platinum Rolex Daytona

Baselworld 2013: New Black & Blue Rolex GMT-Master II And Platinum Rolex Daytona