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In that video you can see exactly how this movement operates. The tourbillon is oriented at an incline, and moves around its axis once each 24 seconds. For that reason there is a subsidiary 60 seconds dial that is placed right next to it. Movement is the Greubel Forsey made calibre GF 01, and like all Greubel Forsey movements, it is beautifully designed and finished. I want to mount out (because you'll likely miss it), that the bridge over the tourbill0n is different in this model (compared to previous models - that were actually called the Tourbillon 24 Seconds Incline watch. The bridge is now an elegant arch. There is actually gold in the movement as well, and on various other parts of the watch (such as for the chatons, some bridges, Greubel Forsey logo, etc... If you look carefully, you'll also notice titanium parts of the movement as well. The movement has 72 hours of power reserve, and in addition to the time and tourbillon, has a power reserve indicator on the dial. Realize that the movement is all hand decorated and finished. The work is so detailed, so meticulous that it is hard to believe someone would take the time to do it. But at Greubel Forsey, and at Greubel Forsey prices, that is part of what you are paying for.

Prices at 5, the watch isn't expensive, but more than 0 above the Cadence Oarsman Aviator watch, and more than the Oarsman Remus model. Nevertheless, you get a lot more watch for your money. Even though who aren't into the rowing theme might like this watch. It has a good look to it, is certainly wearable, and could nicely serve as a good gift watch to many types of people. The Cadence Oarsman Hammer is available to purchase via Cadence's website.

In addition to the images below, check the gallery at the bottom for even more images. For more details on the special models, just visit IWC's website, where you can get more details. Oh, and if you are in the UK, Jura will be an upcoming new authorized dealer for IWC watches.

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Dial choices on these Golden Square models were plentiful. From light to dark tones, dials could even have mother-of-pearl, diamonds, or engraved centers. On each face though, the sharp angles of the hour numerals and the large hands stand out the most. Just the time not enough for you? Roger Dubuis did, and continues to release Golden Square watches with a variety of complications. There are calendars, chronographs, and a unique dual timezone model that is styled like a regulator. For older models, I recommend the basic three hand models as some of Roger Dubuis's older movements with additional complications sometimes had issues. If you are getting a new Roger Dubuis watch, this isn't an issue anymore after Richemont Group too them over and improved their movement production arm.

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Sapphire watch-crystal with a blue anti-reflective coating on the inside and outside (on the black version) or clear coating on the white model.

Unlike the two versions of the original HM3 (the Sidewinder and Starcruiser), which had straps attached to them in two orientations, The Frog has one orientation, that probably suits the design best. You can piece the movement through the top and bottom mounted sapphire crystals. You will also find a date display ring on the top of the watch as well. A small arrow on the case tells you were to read the date.

Cartier is a word like gold that conjures thoughts of prestige, wealth, and taste. The name alone is worth much, adding a thick degree of immediate attention whenever it is applied to an item. Maybe you think that is an unfair characterization? Consider your rebuttal carefully. Think of your family and friends, and the possible strangers on the street who when asked whether they desire something from Cartier would respond with anything other than "of course." I got to play with one of these magical little items for a while. One that is close to entry level model from the brand, though still pricey, and still Cartier. This is the newer Cartier Roadster S. Part of the brand's desire to keep their product name relevant in anticipation of some years where typically high spending in their boutiques will likely wane a bit. Plus, it is good for any luxury brand to have as full a product line as they can - from the entry level to the super high-end. Cartier is not only pushing higher and higher with their elaborate and thoughtful in-house made movement based watches, but are interested in being more accessible to people on the lower end of the luxury scale.

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The greater stuff is the Bell & Ross Vintage BR Heritage watches - especially the Carbon version. This is a round port of the BR03 Heritage watch in a 41mm wide round, carbon colored black case. There is also the non Carbon version, which has a 41mm wide polished steel case, and slightly different dial and hands. Each of the styles comes in 123 and 126 versions. The 123 models have three-hand automatic Swiss ETA 2892 movements, while the 126 models have modified ETA automatic chronograph 2894 movements. I wrote about the Bell & Ross Vintage BR 123 & 126 Heritages watches on here.

The Swatch Group made a fortune selling battery-powered plastic watches; now Hayek wanted respect and legitimacy in haute horlogerie. Breguet was to be the crown jewel in the portfolio that includes Blancpain, Glashutte and Jacquet Droz. Now that you’ve got the quick history, let’s take a look how Breguet is doing, specifically with this new Reine de Naples Hour Strike.

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This is a working prototype of Bathys' upcoming Bomb Timer watch - and it is very cool. I want to make two things clear from the start. First, as I said, this is a prototype, and will undergo a few changes before production. This includes aspects of the case, dial, and movement finishing. So again, this is a test... this is only a test. Second, the name Bomb Timer (while open to interpretation) has a very specific meaning. You'll see in the images below, a small vintage Hamilton clock that was mounted in cockpits, and other areas of bomber planes. These small clocks were bomb timers, and provided necessary timing information to bomb drop operates to know exactly when to release their payload. Pre computer and GPS bombing was a pain when trying to hit specific targets, especially when in cloudy skies. Thus precising timing instrumentation was required when attempting to hit targets with an accuracy much of the time.

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This type of stuff sells watches. How do I know? Well they just making these, and people are buying them. But that is good. As far as I am concerned, people buying watches is a good thing. I am so tired of seeing naked wrists. Do you love limited editions? Limited editions for limited editions. "This new piece is to celebrate our 100th limited edition watch." I swear, Hublot is going to start making those, I just know it!

The Ananta Multi-Hand Automatic watch does the exact same things, but without the fancy retrograde dials - inside it is the also new Seiko 6R21 automatic movement. It has a power reserve indicator shaped like a sword that is similar to that on the Spring Drive watches and two traditional dials with hands for the day and date indicators. This is a more traditional asymmetric Seiko look. It is true that while the watch does the same things as the Double Retrograde Model, it looks a lot different visually. To me it is like a baby brother of the Ananta Spring Drive Chronograph model. It is also priced at about a third as much. These are going to be attractive entry level Ananta watches. They still have the high quality cases, design, and in-house Seiko movements as the top-end Ananta watches, but with slightly less complex movements and more affordable prices. Again, they are similar in price with the Ananta Double Retrograde Automatic retailing for ,300 and the with Ananta Multi-hand Automatic retail priced at ,100.

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After looking at the new Cruise Sport watches and wearing them, I must say that they actually look better while on the wrist. That is a rare quality, but I feel that it is correct for this collection. For example, once you put the Cruise Sport Chrono on your wrist, you realize how nicely its curved round case with integrated strap, has a nice flowing look on the wrist. You just don't get that view of it sitting on a table.

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Very rare (at least in the US) is an interesting little watch brand called Chronographe Suisse. With a name like that, you imagine that all their watches need to be chronograph's right? Actually, I think they all are. The brand releases pretty well design stuff, but suffers (in my opinion), from an interesting flaw. The designer(s) there have some fetish for short, stubby hands. Look at all of their watches, and you may agree, the dials are to big for the hands, or the hands are too small for the dial. Though given the loveliness of the designs, I might have to live with that flaw once in order to enjoy these watches.

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The manner in which the movement was designed and implemented is pretty cool. Celsius wanted to make sure that using the phone in some manner worked with the mechanical movement - so the opening and closing part goes to that desire. The tourbillon and the watch movement is supposed to have some manner of shock absorption to protect it from the inevitable roughing around that it will experience. At the same time though, this is a phone you need to be much more careful with. Drop it and the watch movement part of it will likely be kaput. This is the same with all delicate mechanical watches.The movement has sapphire crystal over it and is in a water resistant enclosure.

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