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Event Report - OMEGA X Fratello Watches Speedy Tuesday Event in Bienne

Breitling Chronoliner Watch Watch Releases

Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon Spacemaster Orbital II Chronograph Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

While 2015 saw Rolex release the exciting new 3255 automatic movement in the Day-Date 40 watch collection, the 40mm Rolex Yacht-Master 116655 contains the existing Rolex caliber 3135 automatic movement that is of course COSC Chronometer certified. The 3135 is the same movement you'll find in some other Rolex watches - namely the Rolex Submariner Date watch. With that said, it is interesting to report that the 37mm-wide Rolex Yacht-Master 268655 has a completely different and actually newer Rolex movement. Inside the 37mm-wide Rolex Yacht-Master is the Rolex caliber 2236 which we debuted here during Baselworld 2014. Rolex announced the 2236 movement as the first Rolex caliber to contain Syloxi (Rolex's name for their silicon balance spring), and it is contained in a woman's watch.

Vintage Eye for the Modern Guy: IWC Replica Ingenieur Automatic

The problem with the Apple Watch is just how much functional potential it has when you think about all the apps that can utilize its functionality. Apple itself doesn't really know what features consumers will latch on to, because most of the people at Apple represent a sort of tech elite, and their habits and desires might be very different from the mainstream consumer they need to romance with a novel product. In a sense, Apple is jumping the gun by making such a nicely made smartwatch, because most consumers still aren't convinced they need to buy a smartwatch to begin with. The fact is that many consumers are in shock that some people might pay several hundred dollars (let alone thousands of dollars) for any type of watch. With prices for most smartwatches hovering around the 0 mark, I think a lot of consumers feel Apple is out of line asking for so much for the Apple Watch, even though they don't really understand what they are getting. Apple seems to have forgotten that so many people out there are completely unfamiliar with nice watches, and the very category of people who are familiar with nice watches are threatened by the Apple Watch. If the Apple Watch becomes as useful as Apple claims it will be, then traditional watch lovers will be forced to make the difficult decision of wearing an connected modern electronic versus traditional mechanical timepiece.

This venture started off as one made possible by simple proximity. Midnight Express is based in South Florida, not far from where several UN boutiques are located (the US headquarters of Ulysse Nardin is not that far away either), so it was easy for the companies to be aware of each other. Midnight Express is an impressive powerboat manufacturer, bringing in new technology and innovative designs to push the industry along, very much like Ulysse Nardin has done when they chose to be, not just an early adopter, but much more: they are one of the first developers of the silicium escapement. Ultimately, it was the love of the open water and the drive to innovate that brought the two brands together.

Ulysse Nardin Marine Diver Midnight Express Watch – And 43' Boat! Hands-On
Ulysse-Nardin CEO Patrik Hoffmann

In conclusion, as opposed to saving these four visually very different and yet thematically extremely consistent releases for the coming years, Omega – to our most pleasant surprise – decided to debut all four at the same time, at Baselworld 2015. The four new colorways of the Omega Speedmaster Dark Side Of The Moon all feature something unique beyond different colors – from bezel materials through dial treatments all the way to the era they are inspired by – making for a total of no fewer than six amazing Omega Speedmaster Dark Side Of The Moon offerings in ceramic – with the original DSotM and the Grey Side Of The Moon included – to choose from.

Omega Speedmaster Mark II 145.014

Ludovic Ballouard Upside-Down Watch With Pearl Dial Hands-On Hands-On

Considering the money Zenith charge for an El Primero in one of their standard chronograph models, you're getting a really handsome calibre for your buck. With my faith in the performance and enduring aesthetic of Zenith's most famous calibre unwavering, my first concern is always how they choose to house the movement. It is the case, dial, and message that will, in my opinion, determine the success of each watch to feature the reliable El Primero. And, in this case, how expensive the skin makes the bones...

The Blancpain L-Evolution Tourbillon Carrousel reference 92322-34B39-55B in platinum will be limited to 50 pieces with a price of 3,130.

Please Help Us To Find This Stolen Speedmaster (Stolen in Berlin)

Omega Speedmaster White Side Of The Moon Watch Watch Releases

What happens is that about 4/5th of the tubes are submerged into extremely cold liquid nitrogen (as you see in the shot directly above), while a worker uses a torch to heat up the container that holds the tritium. As the gas is heated up, it finds its way into the cylinders where it is cooled down extremely quickly.

Clocks and other display items need a bit more creative oomph to really get our juices flowing. The types of things MB&F is involved with that isn't an Horological or Legacy Machine (wrist watch) is really about catering to a specific modern-minded mechanical enthusiast who enjoys the same types of things that Max Busser does. Items like the MB&F Melchior or the other clocks and music boxes that MB&F has been (and will be) involved with are not only an extension of what MB&F has been successful with at their MAD Gallery locations, but also meant for a targeted niche of enthusiasts around the world who want an excuse to have these in our homes or offices. Few people will collect an MB&F Melchior because they love clocks, but rather most people who get one see the MB&F Melchior as a damn fine reason to own a clock.

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Swarovski Lovely Crystals, Octea Sport, & Piazza Mesh Watches For Women Hands-On Hands-On

Grand Seiko SBGR077 & SBGR079 Magnetic Resistant Watches Hands-On Hands-On

The trademark gold or platinum "President bracelet" has also been updated with ceramic inserts inside the links in an effort to enhance suppleness and durability. How these inserts have actually been implemented is something we will see very soon, when going hands-on with this new release. The Crownclasp is opened with a hinged Rolex crown and is expected to be slightly thinner and even more comfortable.

Rolex Day-Date 40 Watch With New Rolex 3255 Movement Watch Releases
Rolex Day-Date 40 in 18k white gold (Reference 228239)

Sharing A Reader's Speedmaster Story

The DUW 3001 may be just another automatic movement, but I love the way that Nomos attempts to refine any aspect of their business. They already had the Eplison automatic movement, but they knew they could improve on the idea, apply all of their know-how, and strengthen an element at the core of their market. I also respect that they went for thinness and accuracy, two concepts that are very hard to combine, but together reflect a very Nomos ethos.

Stepan Sarpaneva: I am Stepan Sarpaneva, a watchmaker, designer, and owner of the Sarpaneva watch brand.

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Omega Spacemaster Z-33 Review

Ball Engineer Master II Slide Chronograph Watch Hands-On

Ball Engineer Master II Slide Chronograph Watch Hands-On

Hamilton Powell: Ever since I was a kid, I can remember my dad wearing a classic Rolex Datejust. I was always fascinated with it. Unique/interesting watches come through our door every day – so I feel as though my watch passion is always evolving.

Citizen Signature Grand Classic 9184 Watch Hands-On Hands-On

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While 2015 also sees new watches with tourbillons or multiple tourbillons from Roger Dubuis, the most exciting news, in my opinion, is the release of the brand new Roger Dubuis produced caliber RD820SQ automatic movement. Produced in the canton of Geneva, it bears the Geneva Seal, and is fully modern yet minimalist and cool looking automatic mechanism. Operating at 4Hz (28,000 bph), the single barrel offers about 60 hours of power reserve and features a self-winding automatic micro-rotor. The rotor also happens to have its own semi-skeletonization design. This is the first time Roger Dubuis has produced an automatic version of their distinctive skeletonized movements.

Rolex Yacht-Master 116655 Watch In Everose Gold With Black Ceramic Bezel For 2015 Watch Releases

Keep up with our pre-, post-, and live Baselworld 2015 coverage here.

Ulysse Nardin Anchor Tourbillon Watch Hands-On

Ulysse Nardin Anchor Tourbillon Watch Hands-On

Omega Speedmaster Alaska Project

Perhaps I should qualify "satisfying." If you applaud the successful completion of a complicated concept as the artist sees it, just so a few people can be happy with the end result, then the Romain Jerome Spacecraft Black is a satisfying watch. If you don't feel a personal connection to the design, then you aren't going to get much out of this timepiece. I've had a lot of discussions over the years about Romain Jerome with fellow watch lovers. It is brand that never fails to evoke a lot of emotion, much of which would be described as negative. This is mostly from people who've never actually held Romain Jerome watch in their hands. If you are looking for a logical, utilitarian reason for a timepiece to exist, then look to brands other than Romain Jerome who continue to further the nostalgic notion that an analog mechanical wrist watch is useful. If, however, you subscribe to the notion that we love watches because of their mechanical art, uniqueness, and ability to illicit an emotional reaction then you might "get" Romain Jerome.

Zenith Academy Christophe Colomb Hurricane Grand Voyage II Watch Hands-On Hands-On Zenith Academy Christophe Colomb Hurricane Grand Voyage II Watch Hands-On Hands-On

OMEGA Speedmaster A.C.P Ref.105.012 | Fratellowatches

Arnold & Son Time Pyramid Watch In Steel Hands-On Hands-On

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This all brings us to the Mechanical Module, which is probably what you'd be wearing if you are like most watch lovers. The simple three-hand-with-date dial is attractive, in a sort of Swedish minimalist manner. I wouldn't call it the design of the year or anything, but it isn't bad. My only major gripe is that the 12 o'clock hour indicator isn't unique, which makes visually orienting the dial when not looking at it head-on sometimes difficult. Inside the Mechanical Module is a vintage automatic movement likely from the 1970s, professionally decorated and restored by the Swiss workshop of Svend Andersen in Geneva. Halda apparently acquired a healthy lot of these interesting movements to work with.