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Yvan Arpa has been responsible for a number of luxury watch ideas, that span from brilliant to just totally wacky - and that is why we love him. He currently runs his own brand ArtyA, and also Spero Lucem. Further, Arpa owns a small manufacture in Geneva, known as SC2, where he plans on headquartering a smartwatch customization service for select clients.

The Hublot Classic Fusion Tourbillon Cathedral Minute Repeater Carbon watch uses a carbon fiber case, which adds an unique element to the minute repeater dynamic. Why? Well typical precious metals like gold or platinum are terrible for minute repeaters, because they act to absorb the sound of the chimes. When Hublot first debuted this in-house made Hublot caliber HUB 8001 movement in 2010, it came in a titanium case - which is much better for transmitting the sound of chimes. So when I learned that Hublot took the same watch and produced it in carbon fiber, I was very curious to hear how it sounded - especially given the deep resonance of their impressive "Cathedral Minute Repeater" movement.

Hautlence HL2.1 Watch Hands-On & HL2.5 Release Hands-On

For the year 2014, Zenith had two quite surprising – and equally controversial – announcements up its sleeve. First, it announced that it will start using non-in-house made movements (Sellita SW-300 to be specific) in its Elite line of watches and, second, it debuted the El Primero Synopsis collection, a more high-end, time-only selection that was built around the famed chronograph movement El Primero... without its chronograph function. Many were inclined to shout "Blasphemy!" at the brand, but, as usual, things do start to make a bit more sense as they unfold.

Roshan Martin thankfully combined the very thin case with a nicely sized 43.5mm wide size that is both classic and modern. It should wear nicely with the curved lugs, but then again, at these prices, I doubt people are buying the Roshan Martin Légende Tourbillon for its ergonomic appeal.

Now in his late 30s, internet entrepreneur, founder of, and Google Ventures start-up savant Kevin Rose is growing up. Meeting with him in Los Angeles in November 2014, he talks about juggling a work-life balance, looking back on his career to identify trends in technology, and his own perspective on the evolving landscape of online media consumption. What he also talks about is a growing appreciation of items that are truly timeless and an interest in goods that aren't disposable, but that are finely made and intended to last for a long time. While Kevin doesn't yet have children with his wife Darya, he smiles when discussing the topic of passing his watch collection on to his kids someday. It is the type of genuine smile that transcends status and wealth for those holding something in their hands that they are truly passionate about.

IWC Aquatimer Deep Three Depth Gauge Watch Hands-On Hands-On

Bulova Accutron II Surveyor With Precisionist Movement Watch Review

Bulova Accutron II Surveyor With Precisionist Movement Watch Review

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If you have a watch collection worth millions, it might be wise to invest in a special watch safe, perhaps one that was designed specifically for watches and comes with built-in watch winders. It should also be a little special to match the status of your watches. If that is the kind of safe you want, the Savoy Safe No.3 is just for you. Made out of an antique safe from from the early 1800s, it is massive and immensely heavy (500kg) and also features an intricate locking system, which uses multiple keys and hidden releases.

The metallic sunburst finished "Sunstar" or "Blackstar" deep gray dials of the Alpina Strartimer Pilot Automatics are the best Alpina has to offer, and they come in a few hues, as well as with a brushed steel or PVD black steel case. Inside the watches are Swiss Sellita automatics. I am not sure which, but likely an SW200 automatic for the three hands and perhaps an SW500 for the chronographs. The cases are further all water resistant to 100 meters and have sapphire crystal, as well display casebacks with a view of the movement and a custom Alpina automatic rotor.

Furthermore, Nevo makes a lot of bold claims about its app, which is said to be the hub of its utility. A lot of smartwatch apps are very skeletal, actually, so it is interesting to see that a big part of the Nevo smartwatch isn't just being connected to your phone, but to deliver useful data to the Nevo app that helps track your daily activity. Nevo also claims a series of social functionality into the app which sounds interesting. Perhaps most important is the fact that the Nevo app will be compatible with and integrate with other major fitness and activity tracking apps on both Android and Apple iOS devices. Nevo promises that its app and the data from the watch will be compatible with Google Fit as well as Apple HealthKit. If this actually works as promised, it could lead to a lot of user adoption because the Nevo smartwatch could be used with some very popular applications versus merely its native one.

The MB&F Horological Machine No. 6 Space Pirate will be part of a limited edition of 50 pieces. Price is 0,000.

A modern improvement on the vintage models, however, is the exhibition caseback, which showcases a 7S26 movement – although Seiko has not yet officially released any images of that. One of Seiko’s longest standing automatic calibers still in production, but, alas, not necessarily an improvement. If there’s any criticism I might make of the Seiko Recraft “Mechanical” line, it’s in the choice of the 7S26 caliber. The 7S26 was basically the next evolution of the classic Seiko 6309 "auto diver" mechanism, which has been ubiquitous in many of Seiko’s affordable mechanical divers.

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WATCH GIVEAWAY: Tudor Heritage Chrono 70330N Sponsored By TrueFacet

WATCH GIVEAWAY: Tudor Heritage Chrono 70330N Sponsored By TrueFacet

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ABTW: Do you serve mostly locals or tourists, or is it a good mix? Also, what percentage of your customers would you call "knowledgeable watch collectors?"

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Buying Watches In Los Angeles, California: Feldmar Watch Co. Watch Stores aBlogtoWatch: What types of watches are popular in your market? What makes Los Angeles a unique place to buy watches?

Second, the business relationship between Western manufacturers and their Asian suppliers is of key importance, as it is no secret that the absolute majority of European and US-based brands rely on Asia-based suppliers to a lesser or greater extent. And this is in line with what I pointed out above: the Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair is first and foremost about making new business connections and creating fruitful collaborations, let those be between European brands and Asian suppliers, retailers and manufacturers, or simply between different participants of the industry in general. Therefore, it should be exciting to try and gain some insight into the complicated – and rather secretive – inner workings of these collaborations.

Although the smart watch industry has a separate market than that of the mechanical watch enthusiasts, it should be interesting to see how far this technology will get in its quest to become as standard a device as a phone is. Being a mechanical watch lover, one thing that I am excited about with the smart watch development is the potential for unique or custom watch interfaces. Fine watches with unique time displays are incredible to look at, although they usually come at a price which is out of reach to most. Although nothing can beat a mechanical masterpiece, giving a smart watch a bit of character when displaying the time could be rather interesting. Not only would it give developers and designers the opportunity to make some incredible looking time displays, but we can expect with some time and determination these once artificial time displays could be brought to life in a mechanical watch.

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JW: In the details: finishes, materials, fit & finish, tactile values, and tones. I draw inspiration from the attention to details. On our FJ series, our gauge cluster and glovebox for designs were clearly directly inspired by the Bell & Ross BR01 series.

The Cartier Calibre Diver watch combines a high-luxury sense of design and prestige with the presumed durability of a sports watch. It is either? Is it both? Those are good questions, and ones that are okay to ask, given that Cartier has been among the few major luxury watch brands who have been very consistent in making sure that their dressy lifestyle watches for men are almost always founded on sporty principles.

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Speedometer Official Unidirectional Bezel Bracelet

Speedometer Official Unidirectional Bezel Bracelet

Each of these full pave watches come exclusively in 18k white gold cases, where up to literally a few dozen carats of diamonds will be set. The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph 44mm will have 53 carats of stones on the case and bracelet and another 6.53 carats of stones on the dial. That is almost 60 total carats of diamonds and hundreds of baguette-cut diamonds. Unfortunately, the jewelry version of this and the other Royal Oak Offshore watches alters the water resistance of the cases to only 20 meters. You might want to call it a "Royal Oak Onshore" in that case.