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What I really like about the MMT platform is that it isn't about phone notifications on your wrist. I've played with devices that tell me I have new e-mail and unread text messages or if a call is coming in. I've just found them by-and-large to be rather useless. What I am looking for, is a smartwatch that acts smart and looks smart.

Speaking of the rotating bezel - operating the bezel on the Richard Mille RM 60-01 Automatic Flyback Chronograph Regatta is a pleasure, as it turns and clicks with wonderful tactile feedback and sound. A close look at the bezel as well as other parts of the case and dial reveals how nicely printed the markers are in their bright colors.

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The DeWitt Academia Grand Tourbillon watches are also all limited editions. The various models such as the AC.GT.001, AC.GT.002, and AC.GT.003 are all limited to 99 pieces each with a price of 2,000 USD.

Bremont Boeing Model 1, Model 247 Ti-GMT Watches Hands-On

Bremont Boeing Model 1, Model 247 Ti-GMT Watches Hands-On

A good point to make is that we like to focus on mechanical watches, because that is what we are the most interested in, along with the occasional smart watch, we love a solid Casio and we do write about some other quartz watches. But, our focus is on mechanical watches. Yes, there are some very low-end mechanical watches in the 0 - 0 range, but frankly speaking, none of us would seriously wear those, as their quality is not particularly good.

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While 2015 also sees new watches with tourbillons or multiple tourbillons from Roger Dubuis, the most exciting news, in my opinion, is the release of the brand new Roger Dubuis produced caliber RD820SQ automatic movement. Produced in the canton of Geneva, it bears the Geneva Seal, and is fully modern yet minimalist and cool looking automatic mechanism. Operating at 4Hz (28,000 bph), the single barrel offers about 60 hours of power reserve and features a self-winding automatic micro-rotor. The rotor also happens to have its own semi-skeletonization design. This is the first time Roger Dubuis has produced an automatic version of their distinctive skeletonized movements.

“It was at a small dinner that Timezone had arranged to introduce Bremont to the US marketplace. At the time, Bremont was still very small, so rather than a full court press with a communications manager, regional brand director, etc., it was just Nick and a suitcase full of watches. Earlier that same day, I had taken delivery of a Rolex Deepsea, which had only just been released. As such, it was still a conversation piece of sorts, and Nick was practically bubbling with excitement at the prospect of getting it off my wrist and putting it on his. I mean, here’s a guy who’s in town to sell me on his brand, and yet he’s sitting three seats over wearing another brand’s watch and loving it. To this day, that still defines Nick to me.”

The company that is manufacturing these tubes is called MB-Microtec, situated near Bern, Switzerland. They are the only company on the market today that is capable of manufacturing these barely visible glass tubes and filling them with tritium, thanks to their special know-how for working with glass cylinders of this size. Therefore, MB-Microtec is claimed to be the sole supplier to any and all watch brands who use tritium gas tubes for their watches. As such, if you have such a watch in your collection (or plan on acquiring one), the glowing tubes you see on the hands and indices of the watch were made here, and in the way that you will see more about below. The company is also the manufacturer of its own watch brand, Traser.

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Lastly, let us turn the spotlight on the Dodane Type 23 Power Reserve model. This watch possess one of my favourite complications. Power Reserve indicators are simple, low maintenance, visually engaging and useful. In this instance, the power reserve changes the whole look of the dial. This departure from the norm is exacerbated by the GMT bezel. None of the other watches have any variation in that area, so this one sticks out because of it. It's not to my taste, but fans of high-polish sports watches with busy, active dials need look no further within this range. The Dodane Type 23 Power Reserve is priced at €7,250, making it the most expensive in the range.

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Needless to say, we really dig the Sinn EZM 7 and think that it exemplifies so many of Sinn's strengths while offering something entirely separate from anything else on the market. Yes, Sinn makes many watches with much more conservative aesthetics, but you likely already know about those models, and the Sinn EZM 7 S made us smile because it's just so Sinn.

One of the most interesting things about the video is how little time Rolex spends talking about the modern Rolex Datejust watch collection, with just a few brief glimpses of Rolex Datejust models that you can buy today. In a sense, the video is very much an homage to the Datejust product family name and the history of the collection, along with some of its most distinctive features (such as the date window, and later magnifier lens over the date window).

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Despite its large size the Bulova Sea King Automatic isn't too heavy, given the titanium case, and it wears comfortable on the strap. Bulova includes an extension strap making it easy to put the watch over a diving suit. The case uses an AR-coated sapphire crystal over the dial which helps a lot with legibility. The timepiece very much looks as though it is ready and eager to submerge to depths of 1000 meters, even though anyone taking one down that deep is unlikely, to say the least. Though, I will say that the best diving watches are those which look to be perpetually ready for action.

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Imagine a day walking around wearing it. Would you be alone? Could you be alone? Would people stare? Would they comment? Will they follow you? Want you? This sounds silly, but these are real question and considerations around not only a watch that does have a retail price of over ,000,000, but a watch that actually looks like it has a price of over ,000,000. There is the larger world of stealth-wealth Patek Philippe and A. Lange & Sohne watches which can easily cost over a million dollars and don't really look like it to most mortals, and then there are watches like the Jacob & Co. Billionaire which evoke a very real and very pure sense of wealth living - the type that people love to hate, the type that people love to covet, and the type that the mainstream is infinitely fascinated with.

The dial is pretty cleanly laid out, with the sub-registers easy to read (another benefit of a larger case). It is a shame, however, that the day and date wheels are not color matched to the dial - they stand out a bit for my tastes. Additionally, the hour hand does feel a bit chopped. I realize that you need to be able to easily differentiate the hour and minute hands, but something about the scale of that hour hand just feels off to me.

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The self-winding Calibre 1120 AT features a dragging (or trailing) hour mechanism, that reveals the hour by way of a number that acts as the minute hand as it transits the rightmost edge of the enameled image from top to bottom. This is not only unusual in the wider field of watchmaking, but especially rare to see something of this nature from Vacheron – a brand that has tradition at its core. Most watches under the Métiers d’Art heading have been much simpler. A departure into the mechanically novel is a welcome one as far as I am concerned.

I believe the aesthetics of this watch are striking, to say the least. Personally, I prefer the El Primero in a more rarefied setting, but it is not an inappropriate choice of engine for this ceremonial hot-rod of a watch. It, more than anything to do with the aesthetic, symbolizes authenticity and daring. Its creation was a seven-year labour of love that changed the chronograph game. Dressing it up in this Evel Knieval suit may be a bit crass, but its a self-assured enough calibre to take it in its stride. And to be honest, there are a few things I really like about this watch. I am a fan of the classic Zenith case shape, measuring 42mm across and 14.05mm tall.

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The Project X DS7 Custom Paul Newman Rolex Daytona and the other, colorful variations (Project X DS4, DS5, DS6) are as though some of the pieces from our "Watch What-If" series became real. I mean, sure, there are some varieties and colors to be had, but with certain brands, you are just not likely to see something that is, shall we say, a bit wilder than the rest of the lineup. Rolex is a perfect example of this: despite the seemingly massive interest in newer designs, unless you head to some of the aftermarket customizers, you will not be able to get your hands on a lime green Submariner (and perhaps that is for good reason) or a "tribute," vintage-inspired Rolex straight from the company. The chaps over at Project X, an independent company providing customizations to original brand manufacturers' watches, have tackled a particular Rolex that we do not often see customized: the Rolex Daytona.

● Dynamic Visualizations: Olio’s interface maps the busiest parts your day, making personal bandwidth glanceable, while simultaneously creating a dynamic watchface that is unique you.

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