Christopher Ward W61 Trident Pro Watch Review

Christopher Ward W61 Trident Pro Watch Review
Christopher Ward W61 Trident Pro Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews
Christopher Ward W61, dial closeup

If you've been following my articles for any length of time now, you know I've got more than a little bit of an affinity for GMT and World Time watches. While I've recently explored some of the more complex ways of conveying this data, I can't deny what first drew me to the segment–just a simple GMT hand. Pair that with another current predilection (white dials), and you were left with one watch that generally came to mind–the venerable Rolex Explorer. At least, that's how it was for me until I can across a smaller brand from Reykjavík, Michelsen Watchmakers.

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Of the two models, I think the women's one may be the more legible of the two - though I'd be concerned about losing the polished hands against the white dial. Thankfully, Hamilton avoided the "easy way out" with this dial, and didn't include any heart-shaped cut outs or extraneous sparkles (gems or otherwise) on the dial. Just several overlapping circles to create a theme (and the cut outs), paired with beveled, teardrop indices for the major demarcations. The etched "H" finishing on the movement is the same for both models, but it stands out a bit more against the white dial here.

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The rest of the models are either three-hand automatics or chronographs, but there are two models of each. The most basic model of the entire collection is the IWC Aquatimer Automatic and it will comes in four versions (refs. IW329001, IW329002, IW329003, IW329004). Among those four version will be at least two dial colors (black and what looks like silver), on either a rubber strap or metal bracelet. The Aquatimer Automatic will be offered in a steel case and will further be the smallest model at 42mm wide. We guess that the Aquatimer Automatic will contain a base Swiss ETA or similar automatic movement.